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Decane is a young and exciting game development company creating casual games and game related products. The (virtual) company was founded by Martin Schultz in 2004 as indies@work and transformed to Decane by the end of 2005. In 2007 Decane started to collaborate with MilitaryGarage.com to create the next blockbuster casual games.

The founder of Decane, Martin Schultz, has a long history in creating web and game applications for over 15 years now and worked in most major vertical markets as consultant and employee until he started this young and exciting new company.

Website: http://www.decane.net

Game List:


Released: 5 October 2005
Game Data Type: Binary executable, Data
Genre: First Person Shooter, Action, Multi Player
Language: English
OS: Windows 9x, Windows XP, Linux
SuperMaze screenshots