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Mission Statement

At Game Alchemy we understand that when you've made a new game, it can be quite the challenge to get people to try it out. A personal web site typically attracts too few visitors, advertisement quickly becomes too expensive for hobbyist programmers, and online software catalogs tend to drown amateur games in a sea of games offerings that are mostly commercial in nature.

That is why, at Game Alchemy, we decided to build a platform where amateur game developers and game enthusiasts can meet. To this end we offer programmers the possibility to list their games in our online directory through an easy to use web interface. Game enthusiasts get the options to browse through our games catalog and to apply advanced filters to it.

We take our mission very seriously. For the benefit of developers and gamers we will actively scan for and delete abandonware, warez, and commercial games submissions. As an aid in searching for quality games and to encourage some level of healthy competition among developers, we also provide a scoring system and run elections for Game of the Month.