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How to use this site

As a gamer

  1. Find a game you like
  2. Download it
  3. Play it
  4. Rate it
  5. If you like the site why don't you put a link on your site or your blog. The more populair this site is, the more game developers that will list their games on it.

As a Game developer

  1. Creating an account.
  2. Submit your game(s) with enough screenshots.
  3. Check your game on the public part of the site.
  4. If you have a site or a blog put a link to http://www.gamealchemy.com, more traffic will result in more downloads for you and your colleague game developers.
  5. The gamers will rate your game. You can see that score at the bottom right of your game page. No cheater don't vote for your own game!
  6. If your game is doing well you might see it turn up in the Top 9 games that a list which is showed on every page at the left side of the screen below the ads.
  7. Your game might also show up on the home page in the game of the month poll. This is a poll where people can vote on the best game they played this month.